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Responsible for this Internet presentation:
Knut Eric Wingsch

Company information:
Wingsch Real Estate Investments
Knut Eric Wingsch
Uhlandstraße 33
38102 Braunschweig

VAT Intercom. ID N°: DE246175677

Supervisory Authority: Staatliches Gewerbeaufsichtsamt Braunschweig
EORI identification number: DE7276990

Telephone: +49-531-70 21 03 85
Telefax: +49-531-70 21 03 86

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You transmit your information voluntarily. We assure you that we will use this data only for the purpose of the contact between you and us. Your data will not hand over to other parties without your consent, e.g. third parties shall become involve and you want it that way.

Use of Social Plugins and Social Logins:
Our website uses social plugins and logins of several social media networks, based in the United States of America. The plugins are marked. If you visit a Web page of our site, which contains such a plugin or login, your browser create a direct connection to the servers of these networks. With the help of the plugins and logins the social media networks get the information that you visit our website. If you are using the browser to be logged in at the same time on these networks, your visit can be associated to your accounts. If you interact with the plugins and logins, e.g. by pressing the “Like” button or using the Social Login to leave a comment, the corresponding information is directly send to your social media account and will be stored their. If you do not want that the social media networks collect information about you through our website, you need to be logged out before you visit our website and do not use the plugin’s and login’s while strolling through our website. You can leave comments without the use of Social Logins by manually log in. Your information then will only be stored on our servers.

Google Analytics and Jetpack:
To evaluate our website we use Google Analytics and Jetpack by WordPress. Both services automatically collect anonymous visitor data in order to develop website statistics to help us to understand the visitors use of our web site better. If you operate an Google or WordPress account but do not want that one of the companies brings this in connection with your visit to our website, you need to be logged out with both networks while visiting our web site.

Liability notice:
Notwithstanding careful control of the contents of this website, we assume no liability for the contents of external links. The operators of external web pages linked to this site bear exclusive responsibility for their contents.

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